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Diana Hamadé

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Diana Hamadé

Diana Hamadé is the founder of the IALS, a private client & dispute resolution law firm in the UAE.

Diana has an LL.M. degree in Commercial Law from Aberdeen University following her LLB from the UAE University in Sharia & Law. She is a lawyer with right of audience before all UAE Courts including DIFC Courts. Diana is actively engaged in Civil and Commercial matters and her firm is sought by international lawyers for advice on dispute resolution in the UAE on regular basis for the purpose of presenting Expert Opinions to legal forums in foreign jurisdictions.

She is also a fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL), member of the Islamic Chapter in the MEA of STEP and officer at the Arab Regional Forum of the IBA. In her experience as a Director of the DIAC & DIFC LCIA, Diana was involved in drafting the Rules for mediation and arbitration for both centres. As a Sharia expert, Diana’s expertise is sought by many law firms providing courts and religious councils with advice on Sharia related matters.

Diana is hosted as a legal expert/speaker at many conferences locally and internationally and appears regularly on MBC on their breakfast show. She was a speaker at the IBA Annual Conferences, in Dubai 2012, Dublin 2013, Boston 2014 and Vienna 2015 and speaks regularly at Private Clients’ conferences in the UAE and has her own column in Villa88 magazine. Diana also contributes regularly to several publications on legal issues and matters in the UAE.

Diana and her team are always offering mediation to clients to resolve disputes amicably especially in relation to family law, employment and commercial cases.

She was recognised by The Brief as the Most Influential Female Lawyer in the UAE and as the Best Legal Affairs Writer by the National.

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